Let’s play SOS matching pairs game

Are you tired from work and need to rest for a while? If yes (or not), let's play a simple matching pairs game that will help you forget about your everyday worries.
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Let's see the top players of the game!

This month top 10

Overall top 10

Juliána (28 sec)
Miroslav (37 sec)
rf (41 sec)
Tester (46 sec)
stevie (46 sec)
Miroslav (51 sec)
Miroslav (71 sec)

2 simple rules

  • Play matching pairs game as fast as you can.
  • Submit your time result via the online form (nick and e-mail are required).

That’s it.

Don’t forget:

  • If you are not satisfied with your time, use the restart game button and try again.
  • New game = new time (please note that your current time will be lost)
  • New game = new position of matching pairs pictures
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Explore SOS electronic

We have been part of the European distribution market for electronic components for more than 30 years.

And that is no coincidence. A small Central European company has become a global supplier of solutions for customers in more than 100 countries around the world. Your company can also benefit from the experience we have gained.

Whether you are in the development phase of your product, in the process of purchasing components, testing, production itself, or you are just dreaming about your product and drawing the idea on a flipchart. We stand by you.


Stability with history

We are on the market for 30 years which guarantees stability and strong experience.

Solutions for electronic industry

We focus on the wholesale distribution of electronic components for industrial production.


We specialize on the brands and producers of components whose quality and reliability were verified.

Saving total costs

We perceive our customers as a complex company and therefore, we help them with the development, purchase, production and promotion.

Why did we choose these images?

You can learn more about products included as pictures in the game on our blog at www.soselectronic.com. Every week, we bring you interesting facts from the world of technology, product news, as well as other important information in our area.

A Brief Overview of AAEON Solutions for AI@Edge

AAEON offers AI@Edge industrial computers based on the Nvidia Jetson Nano, TX2 NX, Xavier NX and AGX Xavier modules, which provide computing performance from 0.5 to 11 TFLOP in FP16 precision. We have summarized the key features of three series of embedded systems along with the product comparison.

More info »

The first Apacer BiCS5 microSD for temperatures -40 to 85˚C

Apacer has launched the CH120-MSD series based on Kioxia 112-layer BiCS5 NAND flash memories. The transition of replacing the popular CH110-MSD series with 64 layers by a new series is on the rise.

More info »

Hammond 1551W – waterproof version of favorite miniature enclosures

A waterproof version with IP68 protection has been added to the family of small enclosures of the large Hammond 1551 family. We bring you the features and benefits of the long-awaited series in the article.

More info »

XPort® EDGE for truly demanding tasks

The second generation of wired Ethernet gateway and device server deliver secure network connectivity with integrated device management and cloud connectivity in the same compact form factor as the Lantronix XPort.

More info »

Elegant, miniature, powerful – Marquardt 1858 double switch

If you’re searching for a rocker switch with small dimensions and a great design, then you definitely should take a look at the Marquardt 1858 series.

More info »

Get ready for a new generation of GNSS modules

Global IoT module manufacturer Quectel issued PCN documents for several GNSS modules based on the Airoha AG3331 and MT3339 platforms at the end of August 2022. You can find an overview of alternative products in the article.

More info »

Monitor the CO2 level in the entire interior with your mobile phone

Check the interior’s concentration of CO2 with the simple reference design, Sensirion SCD4x CO2 Gadget. After measuring the increased CO2 concentration, a light signal on the product will alert you that it is time to ventilate. And thanks to the mobile application, you can monitor the air quality also on your smartphone.

More info »

Why do we need a power line filter and where to place it?

Currently, it is almost impossible to meet the requirements of the EMC standards. Schurter EMC components will help you with this.

More info »

Optimal power supply for medical applications from Traco Power

High quality medical power supplies require a very accurate designing and manufacturing process to achieve outstanding parameters. TPP series of AC/DC converters are reliable solutions for various medical devices.

More info »

Wago 2006-803x. Compact distribution terminals with six outputs

Distributing the supply potential in a machine or other system is one of the basic rights of an electrician. With the help of Wago DIN rail distribution terminal blocks from the TOPJOB S family, you can do it quickly and efficiently.

More info »

3 tickets to the IoT world from Wiznet

With single-chip modules from Wiznet with Raspberry Pi RP2040, you can easily add ETH/WiFi to your device and enter the world of IoT with minimal cost and as fast as you need.

More info »
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